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2016 – Brain Dump – ‘can’t helo it if we’re tilted’

The 2016 – BRAINDUMP
It’s been shit hasn’t it? I’m actually rather bored of saying it. It started from the moment I awoke on New Years Day 2016, then Bowie died and, well, it never really picked up from there. Then we lost Prince, Leonard Cohen, George Michael.. the list seemed endless. And the less said about Brexit the better (that decision practically tipped me over the edge causing me to come off FB and go to Corfu) and, even though I can see why it happened I’ll never ever understand how Trump was elected. But the highlights and lowlights were (in no particular order): Mark‘s 50th Jet Set Birthday Party at the Eagle (even though I spent the whole time staggering comically about in sunglasses), meticulously planning the outfit for the night and wearing chaps for the first – and only time, the Bowie-fest at Duckie – the busiest I’d even seen it (and I’ve seen it busy) – in a room with like minded people – beautiful night and a lovely chat with Mark in the snow outside about the meaning of life and death, the Brixton Bowie Mural or as Hilda would say Muriel, Bruce Springsteen with Antony & Dom, on a hot June afternoon – absolute legendary unforgettable experience, launching my little self-indulgent website, suffering utter writers block, the final run of the Hanoverians at the Greys, the continued success of the Almanac and the selection of awesome guest DJ’s and to all of those brilliant people who have attended (especially Steve & Cliff for the surprise visit)– it’s my favourite ever and do not want it to ever stop, Sallie’s 50th Birthday party with her actual son, Gabriel, DJing with me, another 50th Party at the Latest Bar with our own dressing room, Desert Island Discs, Andy & Doug Harvey-Hill’s Wedding of the Year and the astonishing job done by Chris on dressing the room, Grace Jones at Latitude, Human League at the Brighton Centre, going out on my own to Horse Meat Disco at Patterns and seeing Ben at the Fortune of War beforehand, my holiday to Corfu lazily lounging by the pool, visiting a monastery, sun-burning my ankles, trip to Southend for the return match coutesy of Gemma and Nathan, brilliant party on a boat in the Thames for Chris’ 60th party, completely wasting my time and money on Internet dating (with the exception of one person who has become a friend), getting not one but two tattoo’s at the age of 54, my birthday drinks at the Theatre Royal Bar rounded off by a few drinks at Bar Broadway, feeling excluded and isolated and desperate, TV audition and The Grenadier, Amy’s birthday party, finally getting fit at an actual Gym – thanks to my personal trainer Matt (the bugger) and thanks to James for helping with my tennis elbow, banging my head, knocking myself out, causing a concussion whilst (soberly) carrying the DJ decks, new Bose speakers, new washing machine, new DJ decks,, discovering African music, never stopping buying new stuff, the never ending problem with ITunes which has taken over my life, discovering Eden the Brighton based perfume shop, meeting up with Lynn for a couple of coffees, meeting up with Mark Lisher who I have not seen since I was at school, meeting up with Steve Grimble who I’ve not seen since the early noughties, the despicable ISISand all who buy into it, Southern Railways scuppering so many of my plans and disrupting my life (I’m so glad I no longer commute) – so no Duckie 21st or birthday party for Sian, sneaky pints in the pub, the college Christmas party where everything at work finally felt right, Andy’s 50th birthday party which served as a reminder of what we can actually do and do well, Fred being increasingly adorable and loving the older and more comfortable he gets, and this has been my record of 2016. Thank you, take care, Happy New Year – see you on the other side xx
(PS typically I’ve been BLOCKED BY FACEBOOK for typing too fast!!)

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