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2015 Braindump – Perfect Ruin



365 days almost over aren’t they? so here is MY summary of the year (in no particular order).
Fleetwood Bloody Mac – probably for the last time ever, a boat trip to the O2 and back, still no holiday but a short weekend in Southend for a friend’s wedding (see you later Gemma and Nathan and thanks to Craig and Jamesfor the lift), The Westcliff Hotel, a brand new job after a couple of years in retail – bit chilly on reception but nice to be engaged with the public again and really nice to get my weekends back, my 101 shirts – without even needing a new wardrobe (it’s all about the placement), John Grant – bit boring actually – much better time spent with Antony (who is actually my brother) & Chas and those boys from Worthing, drinking shots, well everywhere, Nobby, the Shoreham Music Festival – marvellous sunny set by Harry – wandering around trying to find our way out of the place, my cuban heel shoes and new suit from Debenhams, the death of my little Rascal and all those wonderful messages of love and support – I still miss her every single day, welcoming Fred into the fold after lots of online and day trips to Dog Rescue places by bus (being picked up by a local farmer) – he’s adorable but ‘troubled’ but was brilliant over the Christmas period, the Villagers and the Sleaford Mods, Desert Island Discs with Emily – cramming as many records under three minutes as possible in a 40 minute set, Midland at ‘Patterns’- horrid name for a club but a great night with Harry (DJing) and some young people, meeting and getting engaged to Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet, Nadia winning the Bake Off, The Ties That Bind Boxed Set, applying (unsuccessfully) to be on Pointless, getting new lights in the kitchen, finally getting a proper, working laptop, Jocks lovely memorial at the Retro bar with a trip to Liberty for more smells followed by a glittery bop at Duckie for my actual birthday, a new Fish-tank, meeting some lovely, gentle funny folk, from Healthy Supplies in Portslade – and killing them at their parties, Roberto (HA), Symon’s leaving do (bye Sy), Brian & Darius and their iltra posh wedding, the lovely Michael Balmond (RIP) – the most wonderful funeral, his lovely sister Natalie and a brilliant Almanac in tribute with lots of ex-work colleagues, gorgeous Boxing Day lunch and walk (and First Date – who knew), Brun (or The Bridge – series of the year on telly), the end of Mad Men, knowing that I will never EVER set foot inside Revenge again – too old, too GAY to go, buying a lot of CD’s from Amazon, the miserable Summer weather and the incessant rain, revisiting Royston and catching up with old friends and family – Martin & Cliff & Pam especially , Neneh Cherry – still looking the best fly girl in town, finding out that I am actually a raver at heart, the Debenhams Xmas Party, being filmed at the Greys’ – always a pleasure to see thank you Simon for organising it, finding out that Wet Trade is a thing, to Chris for putting up with Fred and I (in my dressing gown), more 5am wake up calls please, less Facebook, not being able to totally make my mind up about Jeremy Corbyn, getting very angry about stuff – specifically those that think the all refugees are terrorists, finally having some money to allow me to live a better life, Pride outside the Queens Arms, on top of a lorry, in make up – okay the equipment failed but popped to the George for Wendy‘s cracking 50th (thank you for being brilliant) , Shalamar – who needs Watley!!, cracking the bone in my elbow from falling over, Educating Cardiff, ‘The Humans of New York’ book, the Grace Jones book, Underworld at the Dome – EVERYBODY was there (thank you Mark Wood), discovering chinos from Debenhams – the future in Smart/Casual Menswear, Claire’s Accessories – never again, my lovelySallie and her wonderful son Gabriel who is growing into a fine young man, 40th Birthday party in ‘the middle of nowhere’ for Louise and those fabulous breakdancing children, TOTP’s on BBC4 – highlight of the week (so glad that is continuing), Amy The Movie, not seen Star Wars and not going to (see also Spectre), Fortitude, Dermot’s Dance Marathon for Charity, Sarah Cracknell – getting smashed on Prosecco with Julie, Jim & Niall, my daily FB music posts which have been quite the therapy – started out as one thing and ended up as something else entirely! (and yes I AM going for that creative writing course), the chest infection, bonding with my boss over the Gilded Palace of Sin, oodles of lipgloss…
Plus.. The Hanoverians – 13 of them – grown out of all recognition and the funniest night of the month – particularly those who stagger in at 10 and don’t leave until 2 with big grins on their faces – you’ve been great Ben & co! And The Almanacs – 11 of them, 2nd anniversary coming up (thank you Rich & Daisy) and are the most special Sundays in my life – particularly my Mad Men set and seeing those lovely double set of twins courtesty of Ellie & Andy– I can’t even begin to tell you what they mean to me and thank you all for coming and for those who’ve yet to come and particularly nice to reconnect with Nicki and Huw (and congratulations to the other Huw for winning the award for most Almanacs/Hanoverian award – if there was one).
And to the one person that features heavily in all this, Dom. I thank you for your humour, your amazing photos (which you can see at Dom Agius Photography Haha), your mischievous spirit, your generosity, the music & for well everything – without you none of it would have been possible, my astonishing friend. There are no words.
& Music. It’s hard to pick a favourite from this year. It’s been splendid if you looked hard enough but this gorgeous record is well everything… – just beautiful (thanks to Andy for the nod and the shots)

Phew, quite a list – got to get ready for tonight

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